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Stephen Daray is an seasoned divorce and child custody lawyer with the experience needed to handle any family law situation. Whether your problem is big or small, if it involves divorce, custody, support, modification, or any other family law rights, we are ready to help.


Divorce is a significant life event. It is the termination of a marriage, setting parenting schedules, issuing support, and dividing property. It might be uncontested (like a dissolution) or it might a bitter contest. Whatever the circumstances, know your options and make educated decisions.


When a relationship resulting in children ends, the impact can be lasting. It is vital that you be prepared to negotiate or litigate for the best child custody and/or visitation arrangement to give your children the best chance to have healthy childhoods. Good planning is the first step.


Support refers to spousal or child support. These payments will dictate your budget and lifestyle. Spousal support is a payment from one spouse to the other. Child support is a payment to assist in the children’s financial needs. Both can be tricky to navigate and can vary from court to court.

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