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Stephen Daray is a seasoned divorce and child custody lawyer with the experience needed to handle any family law situation. Whether your problem involves divorce, custody, support, modification, or any other family law rights, we are ready to help.


Divorce is a significant life event. It is the termination of a marriage, setting parenting schedules, issuing support, and dividing property. It might be uncontested (like a dissolution) or it might a bitter contest. Whatever the circumstances, know your options and make educated decisions.


When a relationship resulting in children ends, the impact can be lasting. It is vital that you be prepared to negotiate or litigate for the best child custody and/or visitation arrangement to give your children the best chance to have healthy childhoods. Good planning is the first step.


Support refers to spousal or child support. These payments will dictate your budget and lifestyle. Spousal support is a payment from one spouse to the other. Child support is a payment to assist in the children’s financial needs. Both can be tricky to navigate and can vary from court to court.

Eric J – December 2020

I would definitely recommend and have recommended this lawyer to others. Steve and his team keep you up to date and informed and listen to what you have to say. He definitely knows how to play the field and is very knowledgeable. Excellent representation through the whole process.

Grant A – November 2020

I hired Steve after my divorce to help me with a distance issue I had with my daughter’s mom. The distance issue was a tricky one and as Steve told me right from the beginning, these are the hardest. I felt Steve was the perfect blend of compromise, compassion and grit (when needed). I could tell after a short while that Steve had been in this line of work for a while. He knew when to push and when to wait. He knew how the courts and laws work. Eventually we ended up going to a mediator, which we never thought would work. After 2 visits, we were able to strike an agreement. No one wants to get a divorce or wants to hire an attorney, but sometimes in life you need to. Thanks Steve!

Kathy D – October 2020

They are a very professional knowledgeable friendly staff. I never felt out of the loop and I trusted them through this whole process.

Anthony P – June 2019

After reviewing the facts of my shared parenting agreement, a highly regarded family law attorney enthusiastically referred me to attorney Steve Daray. He believed Steve’s intelligence, experience, and strong litigation skills would serve me well.

Steve did an outstanding job of preparing a compelling case to modify my existing shared parenting agreement. Although I was highly confident Steve’s litigation skills would result in a successful outcome with the Court, he negotiated a positive resolution prior to the start of the trial.

In my experience, Steve Daray will be a tenacious and effective advocate for your legal situation. Without reservation, I recommend the retention of his services.

Lauri – May 2019

Mr. Daray handled the continuation of my child support case. I had been working with two other attorneys and was not happy with their service at all as I felt they were not fighting for me like they should have been. Going through a divorce and fighting for what I and my children were legally entitled to was an emotional experience as it is. Having attorneys who were not there for me made it that much worse! I was referred to Steve Daray by a friend and thank goodness! More than anything, I felt Mr. Daray ‘had my back’! He listened to my concerns and together we worked out what was in my and my children’s best interest. In the courtroom, Mr. Daray had his boxing gloves on ready to fight, and fight he did! Steve did his homework and was always well prepared. I would highly recommend Mr. Daray. If you are looking for someone who will truly fight for you, Steve Daray is your man.

Vlad – May 2019

Steve is great at telling you how it is and how it is likely going to end. He is very experienced and knowledgeable, and, at the same time, very easy to talk to, without feeling like you are being educated or put down. He can get pretty passionate in negotiations and was a perfect “partner” attorney for me, because I like to help and validate where we were in the process. Steve is not a “babysitter” attorney, which is exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Steve Daray for your divorce or custody case.

Angie – April 2019

I cannot thank you enough for all of the time your office put into my case. I felt so comfortable with Steve representing me in this matter and I was continually impressed with how everything was handled and communicated. I felt very informed and I appreciated how I was prepared for not only the trial but was also given realistic information moving forward regarding custody issues. Although I hope I won’t be needing a lawyer anytime soon, I would hands-down return to your office and will continue to recommend you!

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